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Η Formlab διαθέτει μια πολύ μεγάλη γκάμα από καναπέδες και κρεβάτια.
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Maintain your furniture like new, following these simle advice.


Upholstered products
  • Do not exposure the fabrics to direct sunlight, to avoid discoloration.


  • Daily usage causes cushions deformation. This is normal. Press the cushions regularly against the direction of use to restore them to the original form.


  • Alternate regularly the position of the cushions to ensure uniform use and maximum life of fabrics.


  • Remove the dust using a vacuum cleaner, at least once a week. Use the accessory with the soft brush. Dust concentration in the fabrics accentuates their deterioration.


  • Remove wet and greasy stains as soon as possible. Use a moist neutral colored cloth (there is a risk transferring color in the fabric) and neutral soap. Rub gently, without exerting great pressure on the fabric.


Consult the textiles care symbols:

do_not_iron-01 iron_low-01 hand_wash-01 machine_wash_cold-01 do_not_bleach-01

Do not iron

Iron at low tempetature

Hand wash only

Machine wash cold

Do not bleach
do_not_tumble_dry-01 do_not_dry_clean-01 pro_dry_clean-01 do_not_wring-01 flat_drying-01
Do not tumble dry Do not dry clean Only professional dry cleaning Do not wring Flat drying


Wooden products


  • Remove the dust with a slightly wet cloth. Rough papers or chemicals may scratch or dull the surfaces


  • Wooden surfaces are sensitive to high temperature. Avoid leaving on, glasses or dishes with hot content. Permanent markings may appear.


  • Remove directly spilled liquids with a soft and absorbent cloth.